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Recycled paper "Les naturels" 

  •  Recycled correspondance paper
    Recycled correspondance paper

    Collection of multicoloured and white correspondance paper. 100% recycled. Available in 80 grams, different colours are available.

  • Recycled paper "Irish territory"
    Recycled paper "Irish territory"

    The recycled paper "Irish territory" is a 100% natural and 100% recycled paper. It is made with recycled fibers. The “Irish territory” paper takes its name from traces of Irish peats. Throw yourself into the beautiful landscapes of Ireland while respecting the environment thanks to this recycled paper “Irish territory”. It is compatible with all ink jet and laser printers and is available in 100 and 150 grams, A4.

  • Ream of colour recycled paper
    Ream of colour recycled paper

    Ream of colour recycled paper. This recycled paper is compatible with all copyers, Ink-Jet and Laser printers. This paper is a 100% recycled paper. It is available in 80g. It is an A4 paper.