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Design paper, collection "sun dust" 

  • Recycled paper "Terre du causse"
    Recycled paper "Terre du causse"
    Enjoy this natural and recycled paper with its inclusions which evoke large green spaces. This recycled paper "Terre du causse" is available in 100 and 240 gramms. It will be perfect to print your cards, invitations, or letters. This recycled paper is comptaible with inkjet and laser printers.
  • Paper felt touch "Garance"
    Paper felt touch "Garance"

    The felt touch paper "Garance" is a fine paper with gold glitters which has a unique felt touch. The felt touch paper “Garance” is a 100% natural and 100% recycled paper. Indeed, it is made with 50% of recycled paper, 40% of cellulose without chlorine and 10% of cotton. The felt touch paper “Garance” is compatible with all ink jet and laser printers. It is available in 130 grams, A4.

  • Orange paper
    Orange paper

    The orange paper is a 100% natural and 100% recycled paper. Indeed, it is made with orange peels and cellulose without chlorine. The orange paper belongs to the new generation of ecological paper. The orange paper has, just like our other papers, a good printing with Ink-Jet and Laser printers. In order to satisfy our customers’ wishes, the orange paper is available in 200 grams, A4.

  • Poussière de Soleil
    Poussière de Soleil

    This collection of foils is named « Sundust » with reference to its gold glances which remind rays of the sun. This paper with gold glances is a high-quality fine paper, which will allow you to realize great creations such as baby and wedding announcements, cards, letters or invitations. The “Sun dust” foils are recycled at 75%. The “Sun dust” collection is available in 100, 150 and 250 grams, A4 and compatible with all ink-jet and laser printers.