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Coated paper "Condat Gloss" 

  • Photo paper ink jet laser "Print Color"
    Photo paper ink jet laser "Print Color"

    The photo paper “Print Color” is an Ink-Jet and Laser photo paper coated on both sides. This photo paper has an optimum printing which allows printing all the colors. The photo paper “Print Color” keeps the brilliance and the contrast of all the details. It is ideal for illustrations, graphics, and of course to print your favorite photos. The photo paper “Print Color” is compatible with all ink jet and laser printers. It is available in 120, 160,170, 190, 210 und 250 grams, in A4.

  • "Box"

    In order to answer to an important request of more voluminous boxing of paper here is the "box". A packet of 200 foils, A4, 80 and 100 grams.

  • Luxury paper "Connoisseur"
    Luxury paper "Connoisseur"

    This Connoisseur Arjo Wigins is a luxury paper. It has a shaded filigran "Connoisseur" at the bottom of the foil. This headed notepaper is a luxury paper: it is made with 100% virgin cotton which gives it an incomparable taste and softness. This luxury paper is compatible with all Ink-Jet and laser printers. This headed note paper “Connoisseur” is available in 110 grams. It is an A4 paper.

  • Letterhead "Le commander"
    Letterhead "Le commander"

    Enjoy this letterhead "Le commander" made in Holland by a upper quality paper's specialist. This paper is mainly used as a letterhead in business communication in North America, in the Pacific and in the Middle East. This letterhead is made of laid or vellum paper. It has always a watermark of its brand at every sheet. This letterhead "Le commander" is compatible with ink jet and laser printers.

  • Envelopes x500
    Envelopes x500

    For all your correspondences, we offer you a box of 500 paper envelopes. Take advantage of a large range of recycled white or coloured paper envelopes. We offer you square envelopes at the best price! Available in 80, 90 and 120 grams. Several colors are available (white, purple, pink, yellow orange etc.)

  • Coated paper
    Coated paper

    Special for printers! What is the coated paper? The operation of sleeping around consists in giving evidence on one or on both faces of a paper sheet called support a filler with fine pigments. The purpose of this operation is to allow a better reproduction of the printings by transforming the rough and macroporous surface of the paper into a close and microporous face and to improve, its aspect and its touch. Slept modern: slept by grammage upper to 72 g/m ² and the weight of coat of which by face is between 10 and 18 g/m ². Ideal for the printing of commercial documents, leaflets, posters, books. This paper suits particularly for a depiction of photos. Caution: this coated paper is not compatible with ink jet printers.