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Have fun designing your own wedding anouncement


The happiest day of my life!

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faire part mariage poussiere de soleil

Because this day is yours!

Because you are unique and realizing your own wedding annoucement means to share your happiness with others!

You have a lot of projetcs for your life and you don't want to let the others decide for you: your wedding announcement is only yours!

Imagine, create, personnalize your own wedding announcement in your own image
Wedding announcement, baby announcement

Choose the format, the color, the texture of your wedding announcement according to your wishes.

 We have specially selected high-quality cards and papers, which are compatible with all ink-jet and laser printers. You can easily print your own wedding announcement with your printer.

Mix textures and colors of our fine papers in order to get a design and unique result.

faire part mariage poussiere soleil

If you are concerned about environment, you can choose from our wide range of recycled papers, the one you want. The brown paper will give a natural aspect to your communication.

The seaweed paper  is made with seaweeds coming from the Venice Lagoon. This product has been approved within the context of the program LIFE from the EEC.

The brown paper "Jardin de marguerite" has a rustic aspect, and is available in different bright colors.

The "Sun dust paper" is a design paper with golden glances, recycled paper at 75%.

Discover also our brand new fine paper: red waxed canvas foils, ideal for your wedding announcements.

There are a lot of other recycled papers to discover!

faire part papier metal champagne format 110x220