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The tracing paper : a transparency's passion

grand choix de papier calque

Let's show everything!

The difference between an ordinary paper and a tracing paper is, of course, its transparency! It's the same difference between a glass of water and a snowball.

I can't see through a snowball but through a glass of water, I can see everything although it's the same material. The biggest difference, it's the air.

Just like the glass of water, the tracing paper is a very dry paper, which contains little air which allows to see through it.

The tracing paper also allows to make your own decorative objects, here are some pictures:

creations en papier calqueabat jour papier calquedecoupe sur papier calque


Look at this original example! A restaurant menu made with a photophore and a tracing paper. You just need to print the menu on a foil of tracing paper, then stick it on the photophore. A formula for success!


But our tracing paper is also a great tool to communicate.

Our tracing paper is compatible with all ink-jet and laser printers.

Give to your communication a modern, design and unique aspect.